Over the past few months, you might have read some news bulletins stating information about locked ECU’s in brand new Audi models produced from roughly the end of June 2020. These issues are connected to newly developed and manufactured Bosch MEVD, MD1 and MG1 ECUs, which were installed in these models on production lines at Audi production plants.

Tuning specialists across the world have faced the issue that models and their onboard computers produced on Audi platforms cannot be accessed anymore, therefore no longer ECU remapped or tuned. According to insiders, the information that surfaced across a wide variety of Audi and Volkswagen models could potentially affect all Bosch Tricore platforms that are currently being manufactured.

The reason for the update is connected to improved security for autonomous driving and other driving assistance features and keeping hackers away from potentially intervening with the vehicle’s systems. The lock has been introduced in the bootloader of the ECU and is implemented on processor level, which means that “bench unlocking” with direct access on the ECU is no longer possible.

The outcome of this situation means for newly manufactured cars that the following options are no longer possible:

  • No OBD unlock
  • No bench unlock
  • No bootpin unlock
  • No ECU remapping

The following information has so far been found:

  • Not just Audi and Volkswagen models are affected, other manufacturers like BMW, Mini and Mercedes will also have the same issue.
  • No ECU remapping or OBD tuning solutions will work until further notice.
  • ECUs installed before the end of June 2020 with the older Bosch bootloader cannot be updated to the locked version with a dealer reflash.
  • Only new cars produced from the end of June 2020 onwards are affected.
  • Old cars are not affected and are tunable until further notice.

Unfortunately, this isn’t great news for our customers and future owners that have ordered a new vehicle that is destined to arrive or has already arrived over the last few months. Together with our partners, we are looking into possible solutions for the situation that has arisen. We hope a solution will be found soon, but we feel that it won’t be solved within a matter of weeks.

If you have any questions or would like to know more about this particular subject, than please feel free to reach out to our Infinit Performance sales team via the contact form below.