Audi RS3 8Y OPF & Cat Delete Package

Audi RS3 8Y OPF & Cat Delete Package

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Infinit Performance are proud to be the first to market with our Audi RS3 8Y OPF and Cat delete package. After months of in house development and testing we are able to offer plug and play kits that can be installed without any prior knowledge with the included installation instructions. Alternatively, we would recommend installation by a specialist workshop or at one our dealerships. Kits will begin shipping in August 2022.

These kits will also be available with a sports cat or OEM DAZA cat. Please contact us for further information.

Main function:

  • OPF Simulator - Allows removal of the OPF (gasoline particulate filter) without any adjustments to the (ECU Engine Control Unit) of the car.
  • Cat Simulator - Allows removal of the catalyst (decat) on the car without any adjustments to the ECU of the car. This also allows replacement of the stock catalyst on the car with a sports cat.

Important Information:

  • There will be NO limp mode. This is guaranteed.
  • There will be NO particular filter warning light on the dashboard. This is guaranteed.
  • There is no cutting or soldering involved, the installation is completely 100% plug and play, completely revertible without any traces whatsoever.
  • The OPF/Cat simulator device is guaranteed to be undetectable by Audi testing equipment.  
  • The OPF/Cat Simulator is not available separately and does not work with any other downpipe. It is also not compatible with older Audi RS3 8V specific downpipes made by Infinit Performance.
  • Retains stock exhaust flap functionality.

Whats included:

  • Infinit Performance decat downpipe with mid pipes. All bolts and gaskets are included.
  • Infinit Performance OPF/Cat Simulator (OBD Dongle)
  • Installation instructions

How it works

  • After the downpipe and midpipes have been fitted to the car as per the installation guide the user must plug the included opf/cat simulator into the OBD port of the car and synchronise it with our iOS application. Android application coming soon however their is no current ETA.